Friday, January 14, 2011

The Funnies

                             TENDER HEART                    BRAVE HEART

So, these two "funnies" of mine woke up real early this morning. I usually like to be up before them... I gotta get "game ready" you know (i.e. coffee)? But... this morning they were up before me... which put less than a smile on my face. However, within 15 minutes... they had me laughing. I love these little "funnies" of mine. WHICH... makes me think about my favorite "funnies" moments:

1. Tubby Tooting: So... Daddy usually gives the kids a tubby in the evening. It's one of their favorite parts of the day. This particular evening I was making dinner and I heard Daddy cracking up. I walked into the bathroom.   Both kids were standing up and Brave Heart was trying to push out a toot. He did. It made the best sound... you know... wet butt cheeks and all. Well... that had us laughing. So of coarse he tried to do it some more. Well... he tried TOO hard. "Ah... you okay buddy?" "Buddy... don't push.. you'll get a Hemroid." "Babe... he kinda looks like he's gonna poop." "Nah. He's alright." I go back to cooking some dinner. 10 minutes later... "Ahh... EVACUATE!! Babe... get in here! Oh my goodness... scoop it out! Scoop it OUT!"

2. The Rescue: Kids are playing alone in their room. They are laughing. I am smiling. Then... I hear Tender Heart start squealing. I mean... like he's in BIG trouble. I start running to the room. Then, I hear Brave Heart start grunting. I mean like he's REALLY trying hard. I get to their room. Tender Heart is head-down in the toy-box. Feet up in the air. Brave Heart is pulling on Tender Heart's shirt trying to rescue him out of the toy box. And grunting. I pull Tender Heart out of the box. Brave Heart sighs. And smiles.


  1. Oh my gosh. This is what's in store for me if I have a boy isn't it? :)

  2. Yup!!! :0) But it's a good life.

  3. I love that my child isn't the only one that poops in the tub ;-)

    Also - I'm a little disappointed that you didn't capture 'The Rescue' on camera before saving the day.