Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Life takes balance

So, I used to be a gymnast. I was born with quite a bit of muscle-mass (thank you Daddy). Well, I thank him now... but for a good portion of my life I HATED my muscles. I looked more like a boy! One time... in the 5th grade... I was in the girl's bathroom... and a girl came in and yelled, "Ah! A boy in the girl's bathroom!" Talk about scaring. My mullet didn't exactly help the situation. But it was the style! (Don't worry Mom). ANYWAYS... about being a gymnast. My most unfavorite event was the balance beam. Go figure. I still struggle with balance these days.

I'm one of those types that get REALLY excited about something... and also REALLY brokenhearted. I think it's a blessing and a curse. Knowing this about myself means that I have to take particular care to find balance.

I was reminded of this when a friend asked me this weekend, "What are you going to do when you are invited to meet a friend at McDonald's or something?" This question came after our conversation about nutrition. I was REALLY excited about this new smoothie that Dr. Oz gives his kids each morning. I was telling my friends all about it... and whipped one up for them. I was on a health food kick. And the question made me think, "uh oh... am I balanced?"

It's a good question to ask every once in a while. Was health food becoming MY LIFE? Like anything good... it has the chance of becoming "too much" and then turns into something bad. So anyways, it's a good thing to check my "balance-meter" every now and then. Yet, also to remember that sometimes a little unbalance is a GOOD thing too. I think it makes us who we are.

With that said... here are the ingredients in that "Smoothie concoction" that I give my kiddos every morning (with some variations):


  1. I love that you had a mullet . . . but hate to break it to you that they really were never in style.

    I actually wish I was a little more of a health nut . . . I find it really difficult to get the motivation. If you come upon any pre-made or really easy things - be sure to let me know!

  2. Ok. I know this has very little to do with your post. But omg, I remember specifically one day in 8th grade we were in the gym locker room. All girls had the shirts off, except you and I. Everyone leaves the locker room, you turn to me and say " we are the only ones with no boobs! Are we gonna wear sports bras our whole lives?
    You wanna know why that soo sticks out in my mind? I remember thinking, "Darn, I thought they were finally coming in!!!!" :) Your school bathroom comment brought that memory to light!

  3. go you jenny!!!!!!

    can i have one next time i'm at your house??? :)

  4. I make Parker one every morning too :-)