Friday, February 4, 2011

Ethiopia, we miss you

As Valentine's Day approaches, it reminds me of our last year's Valentine's Day spent on a plane headed towards Ethiopia. It was actually one of the best Valentine's Day of our lives. Our sick little baby boy still in Ethiopia was on his way to recovery... and we were on our way to be with him, and to bring him home to his twin brother. The days leading up to our flight were filled with the unknown... the doctors didn't know why he wasn't responding to treatment, why he wasn't gaining weight, why he had to be on oxygen, IV and hospitalized. He had severe Pneumonia... and it wasn't going away. But on Valentine's Day, we knew that they had found out why... and we knew that he was on his way to recovery. We could breath again. A longer version of the story... here.

So, I'm reminded of that beautiful country. And the beautiful people. I really miss Ethiopia. And I want to go back. Sure, we've brought a little bit of Ethiopia back here... we've decorated our bathroom with Ethiopian Art... but oh it's just not like breathing in that Ethiopian air. 

We have a dream to start a non-profit coffee company that sells Fair Trade Ethiopian coffee and gives back to the community it came from. And maybe that will bring us back to Ethiopia every year. We hope to give our boys a chance to really know where they came from. Someday, we want to bring them back. 

But I just want to be there... now. Ethiopia, I miss you. 
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  1. What a great idea...decorating a bathroom in Ethiopian design. I wish I would have brought back more things from Guatemala.

    You inspire me.


  2. fair trade coffee shop... I LOVE IT!!! what a fun idea!!!! and oh boy that boy can dance... i think that Braveheart will be doing that soon!!!!