Monday, February 7, 2011

Hi. My name is Jenny... and I'm an...

Just kidding. But a picture like this could lead you to believe...

Anyways, we bought ALL these bottles in one shot (and more actually... but the labels on the bottles weren't as pretty). We went to Trader Joe's on that "hot date" I was telling you about yesterday. Now, there are only a few Trader Joe's that actually carry alcohol. The nearest one to us is an hour away. So when you go... you gotta STOCK UP. Hence, we looked like "alchies" as we checked out... holding a case of wine. But so did everyone else. Cause that's what you do when you go. 

We had so much fun. Normally, we get a case of "2 Buck Chuck". Charles Shaw sells a bottle for $2.99. When it became the famous "Chuck", I believe it was only $1.99... and that's where the name comes from. But you know... inflation and all that.

So... on our "hot date" we walked into Trader Joe's, looked at each other with a little twinkle and said, "Let's splurge... let's get different KINDS!"
"And... let's get bottles that cost $3.99!"
So, with "kid in a candy shop" kinds of smiles, we scanned the isles for little price tags that said, "$3.99". And filled up a case. It was incredible. I felt like we were in Italy. "How about this one?" "Yeah, $3.99, and the label is shinny and sparkley." 

Now, I guess I shouldn't have joked about being an alcoholic. Because I should have never put myself "above it". I am just as capable of becoming an alcoholic as anyone else. In fact,  sometimes I think that the self-professing alcoholics are in fact "healthier" than I am. I'll explain...

I tagged along once, and went to an AA meeting. It was one of those experiences in life that, as it happens, you know something is taking place that is going to change your heart forever. More so than reading a book (although I believe books have absolutely changed my life)... because it's a "flesh and blood" kind of change. You are witnessing it in Real life. In Real time. It's incredible. I felt I was more "present" in that moment than I had been in a long time. And in a way, there was something more sacred there than at church many times.

I watched these beautiful people introduce themselves, "Hi my name is ..., and I'm an alcoholic". And I watched as they shared their stories. And they were wide open. Nothing was disguising their true self. They weren't hiding behind any facade. They weren't trying to be someone they are not. They were aware of their brokenness and everyone else's. And that, I say, is "more" than I am most of my life. God was there. He was everywhere in that place. 

Wow. How did we get from "2 Buck Chuck" to brokenness and God? I don't know... but I like it. 



  1. ok, i need to come to that tj's with you. it's time.

  2. And now I know where I want to go for my next "hot date"!

  3. We don't have a Trader Joe's. We have a Whole Foods and some great local shops, though. And I love the God-segue. I totally followed you down that bunny trail, girl.

  4. Whoaaa... thats some serious party material! :D

    P.S: I'm having an awesome designer dress giveaway... interested? ;)

  5. I so have to visit Trader Joe's now..hahah
    Have a fantastic day, darling

  6. Looks like you have the start to a wonderful day!!

  7. So true!! My uncle is an alcoholic. He's been sober for 10 years and still goes to a meeting EVERY SINGLE DAY without fail. He knows himself and he knows what's he's capable of...and with that said, I'm sure he's healthier than MOST people!

  8. hahahha my husband and I LOOOVE Charles Shaw! Best two buck chuck around :) They also have a delicious wine called Nero de Avalo..and it seriously tastes like blueberrys..well strong "hints" of it ;) And I believe it is like $3 as well!

    Delighted Momma