Monday, February 28, 2011

Trial run with a dog...

Friends of ours went away for the weekend and asked us if we would want to take care of their dog while they were gone. They knew we had dreams of having a dog, but didn't know if a dog would really "work" with our lives right now. So, it would be a perfect "trial run". We of coarse said, "yes"... because you see... this dog of theirs is the stinkin' cutest dog. Gracie. 
So, Gracie's parents dropped her off with food, goodbye kisses, and directions (complete with poop schedule). The first few hours with Gracie were touch and go. Not that Gracie wasn't a GOOD girl... just that Tenderheart and Braveheart were a little apprehensive to say the least. While the dog lay down... the boys would trot over to her... and yelp. "La!" (I love you)"Bla!" (your incredibly cool) "Wooh" (which is short for "woof"). The dog was a prized possession while she lay. She was lathered with kisses. She was rubbed, pet, snuggled. BUT then... when the dog stood... they would head for the hills (well... the couch that is). And the yelping was now just short of "bloody-murder" screams. 
 Needless to say, the first couple days we camped out on the couch, watching old-school Sesame Street featuring James Taylor, Paul Simon, and John Candy. What could be better?? After Daddy got home from work (day 2)... we headed up to my parents' house... which is basically... in the woods... on a lake.... and perfect for a doggy. 

The "bloody murder" yelps started to fade into "just murder" yelps... and then finally to just "yelps". Period. And then... laughter. And then kisses... not just laying down... but standing up. Paw shakes. Snuggles. Holding her tail. (Wanting) to ride her like a horse. Little boy tackles.

Gracie was amazing... never snarled. Only loved. And I think that a dog is in our near future. Sure, you gotta take it out to poop. Sure, you gotta feed 'em... train 'em... care for 'em. But the joy is worth it. So, thank you to our friends. Thank you to Gracie. And thank you Tenderheart and Braveheart... for coming off the couch. 


  1. YAY!!! i loved looking at these of my sweet girl gracie - you guys are the bessssssssssssssst ever. and, like i said, she seems depressed so i think she's missing you guys.

    we let her out this morning and watched her extra careful to be sure she didn't run back to maine.

  2. just read your entire story....SOOOO remarkable. so incredible. so beautiful. so wonderful. so touching. so many things. love love your blog.

  3. Now I'd say that is a pretty GREAT weekend!! :-)

    Happy Monday Darling! xo

    Oh, and pop by and enter my PERFUME GIVEAWAY today!

  4. Gracie looks just like my dog but mine is, shall we say, heftier. Glad the boys finally chilled out.

  5. LOVE this! How fun!!! Glad it worked out so well...and glad the boys came off the couch! After taking care of Buddy for those 10 days...I can definitely say...a dog is NOT in our future! :)

  6. Thank you SO much for the sweet words of encouragement :) Loving your story and your blog!

  7. Love this! Dogs are the best! So... random side note, for some reason you got taken off my "follow list" and so I've been thinking you haven't posted anything for a long time- so I tracked you back down and re-followed you so I can stay up to date with your happenings! See... that's a true follower, I just don't do that for anyone! (o;