Monday, March 7, 2011

Old School Weekend.

Now, I know... when I mention some of the shows or movies that I consider to be "old school", some of you are going to think... honey... that ain't nothin'. But for me... I would say, this weekend was full of some "old school classics." I had a stomach bug thingy. And so we all sat in front of the T.V. pairing socks and snuggling. So, on our agenda yesterday was: 

#1: Sesame Street, "Put Down the Ducky", featuring John Candy, Danny Devito, Paul Simon, Pee Wee Herman and others. 

#2: "You've Got Mail" 

#3: Annie 

And it was so, so, good. 


  1. Put down the Ducky Rocks! My husband makes fun of me because I remember every single Sesame Street song ever written. One of my favorites would have to be "Doin the Pigeon" by Bert while he's dancing in his cute little saddle shoes.

  2. yes!! love those. throw in some cosby show and it would've been complete.

    stomach bug?! no! and are we getting together this week? i cant remember. did we say?

  3. Love those kinds of weekends!! Minus the stomach thingy.

    A trick I learned a few years ago... Buy each child/person his own color/style of socks. Buy each child/person only one type of sock. You don't have to pair anymore. :D

    This works until you have nine children. There are only 8 colors in the rainbow ;D

  4. PS I'm gonna come back and catch up when I've got more time. xoxo