Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Vegetable Garden Co-op


Veggies. And more veggies.
My cousin has a friend who owns an incredible organic vegetable garden. And he has invited others to join in on a "co-op" and enjoy the harvest. I was darn lucky to get in on this. I've heard that the vegetables are splendid, and the supply is plenty. Thank you cousin!
This is the first I've done something like this. I'm pretty excited. I may even be more excited to help in the garden for two days than I am about the fresh vegetables. Diggin' in the dirt, sweatin' in the sun, and seeing the "fruits of your labor". Ha! "Labor"... as if I can actually call it "labor". Now, the man who owns this fabulous garden... now HE can call his work labor... a labor of love. 

I have NO IDEA how hard it is to have a garden... but I'm sure it's a TON of work. My grandmother has one... and she will be the first to say that it takes time, effort and love. And lots of it. 

And this made me think of the past. How, for many of our ancestors and even much of the world now, taking the time to garden was life. Life was more simple. Less chaotic. There was more time to enjoy the meal... for it took time to grow and prepare. I think that their work wasn't "rushed" to get to an "end"... it was a journey in and of itself. And I think there is beauty in that. I'd like to be able to bring that kind of thinking and mind-set into the things that I do every day. But it's hard. Maybe those two days working in that garden will help me get on track. Maybe the dirt in-between my fingers will help me appreciate the beauty in the process. 


  1. YES. lets own a farm together. im not really kidding. that way, if the usa goes to pot, we will be self sustaining. im starting with backyard chickens. watch me.

  2. So cool, friend! I'll admit that I'm a tad bit jealous. I should look for something like that around here! Maybe if we live close-by someday, you, me and Bridget can all have a garden together! xo

  3. Ok, now it's you, me, Bridget and Rita. We will be farm girls and wear overalls and cute pink shirts underneath and have pig tails while digging in the dirt. Everyone will come from miles around to buy our lovely vegetables and take our pictures and we will be famous but the fame won't get to us because we will just be plain farm girls, living our simple lives with our healthy sun kissed complections and our.....oh, never mind, I don't even eat vegetables.

  4. ahhh i love gardening!

    and i only do yoga by a book in my own home :)
    it is nice though if you want to try it, i've heard youtube is good for tutorials
    thanks for noticing my bookshelf!

  5. ohhhhh I love your blog!!!!! Thanks for visiting mine ;)

  6. you are too cute! i have really bad at gardening. and i am not just saying that. i want to try a little harder, because i think few things compare to making a meal that came right from the garden. how awesome would that be???! xxxxo

  7. I have worked on farms and co-ops yet have never set aside the time or effort to garden, i blame it on the heat in georgia :) joining a veggie co-op was the best thing i ever did for my cooking, i learned how to be so much more creative and was able to make al kinds of new dishes while supporting such a good cause. win\win in my book, can't wait to hear about your creations!! hope you and your beautiful family are well

  8. your story is just beautiful! my husband and i are starting to get 'babyfever' and spoke (briefly) about adoption. i truly commend you for all the effort it took...looks like it was worth your while :)
    thanks for checking out my blog by the way. we actually met a girl from ethiopia at the nigerian wedding you saw in my post. she described ethiopian weddings as very similar to what we experienced with the traditional attire, spraying, etc.
    p.s. where did you find my blog?