Monday, April 11, 2011

The Beach: Take 3

TAKE 1: A few weeks ago... it hit 70 degrees here in New England... and that my friends... is an EVENT. So, you do what most New Englanders do when it's like that... you go to the beach. My husband was fixing our vehicle... again. So it was just Mommy and the boys. It was a miraculous day. We met friends. We played until we were pooped. The sun was shining. The wind was nil. But the only thing was... Daddy wasn't there with us. 
So the next day, it was rumored to be "as nice". And Daddy was finished fixing the car. As soon as he was home from work we loaded the kiddos into the vehicle and headed for the beach. We wanted Daddy to enjoy it with us this time. And the day before was just incredible. So... obviously... this was going to be just as incredible. Even more so. Daddy was going to be with us. 

Do you see the gust of wind take the sand across the beach? Well... we ate it. I mean we ATE IT. Daddy went to throw away our dinner that we brought to eat on the beach. It was good... even with the added crunch. And while he went to find a trash can (hard to find in off season)... Braveheart took off. Down towards the water. I left Tenderheart in the sand to rescue Braveheart. Tenderheart was then caught in a sand hurricane. I stopped following Braveheart and went to rescue Tenderheart. I scooped up Tenderheart while he was spitting out sand and ran for Braveheart. By now... Braveheart had reached the water. I was yelling "stop!" and cursing Daddy for looking for a dumb, stupid trash can. Braveheart reached the freezing cold New England ocean water and decided to take a swim. "Son of a Nutcracker!" The "beach adventure" ended with Mommy and Daddy giving each other the "stink eye" holding our two crying, sandy, wet, and cold children. 

TAKE 3: 
Yesterday it was again "rumored" to be a dandy. We put the kids down early for a nap so we could take them to the beach when they woke. Yet, as we were nearing the beach... we were looking for the sun. Nowhere to be found. Though, Mr. Wind was found. Sand in teeth was found. But you know what? Joy was found too. 
And we were with Daddy. 
 And of coarse we had to end the day with a Coffee Shop stop to enjoy a hot chocolate.


  1. Great story :) their faces are so precious!

  2. So awesome that you live near a beach :) What a treat for your kiddos....especially when it is warm and sunny and wind-less :)

    You have such a precious family. Just precious.

    I hope you have a wonderful week :)

    Kate :)

  3. So wonderful to be capturing these memories. Doing things with "daddy" always seems to be difficult to swing. Glad you enjoyed some of your beach days despite the horrible wind.

  4. Your little boys are just too cute!!

    And you're right...good days just don't feel complete unless you have the whole family together. Even if the weather wasn't ideal, I'm glad you had a chance to go again with your husband!

  5. First time to your blog. It's wonderful! What precious little kiddos! And totally understand about literally EATING sand. It's the worst.

  6. Aww, I love this post!! Made my heart big. I use to live in New England =)

  7. you've got such cute little kiddos! They are precious. Such a great post

  8. oh my god those pics are adorable and your boys are gorgeous!

  9. your babies are so cute! this story is great! it's one that you'll remember forever!

  10. You know I love those boys!!

  11. Love that shadow shot...too cute! Beach bummin' days are the best...they don't call it "fun in the sun" for nothing! xx Cat

  12. I just found your blog and cried the happiest of tears reading your story! The boys are adorable and your writing is so vivid and easy to follow. The post that got me the most was about you twirling like Cinderella with one son while the other watched from the floor with a smile. What a thought, to be happy for someone else, melted my heart! Thank you for sharing.

  13. your family is sooo adorable. i'm from the new england area too (boston in fact!) and have been loving this gorgeous weather! today in particular was really nice.

  14. Aww you guys are just too cute, glad you got to enjoy at least one sunny day! Had to laugh with the 'extra crunch' on the food...

    Jenny my dear I was happy to give you an award today, just wanted to tell the whole world how much I adore your blog and feel so happy for being your friend! I love the way you live your life and the way you share it and inspire everybody that gets the chance to read your adorable blog!

    hugs and kisses from Rio!

  15. What great, well mostly, adventures! Beautiful shots!