Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Dirt behind the ears, red-neckin' back-yard and... 5 YEARS

Last night... Daddy was in the bathroom giving the kids a tubby. "Babe," he said, "There is dirt behind Tenderheart's ear that I think is from Ethiopia." 

 "I need some kind of wash clothe with grit." 


Tonight... my parents drove their motor-home down to our house and parked it in our back-yard. Yup. That's right. We are "one of those". 

That "house fixing up" thing I was telling you about is in full swing... and my husband and father are working on building a deck. My parents live almost an hour away from the house we are "fixing up" (and living in)... so instead of driving back and forth... they camp out. And it's awesome.

We get to hang out with them a bunch. We laugh at and with our children. Enjoying every little moment. We eat dinner together and drink wine together. Well... we "sort of" drink wine together... my Dad adds ginger ale to his. 50/50. I know. He is "one of those". We are workin' on him. 

Tonight, we ordered Pizza from a local shop. The owners (I think) are from Greece. They speak little English. And they are precious. I'm beginning to think that getting to know different people, places, cultures, and traditions is the real education we need. It is heart, mind and soul education. It's taking a bite of humble pie. And wanting more. 

The pizza box had NOT ONE DRIP OF GREASE left in it after that pizza was gone. Did I say incredible? No "sopping up grease with your napkin" here. No oompa-loompa-feeling after this pizza. No. Instead... you'll want to run the Boston Marathon. Better yet... the Susan G. Komen 3-Day Walk For The Cure. My boss at that coffee shop is walking and working hard to raise money for that 3 Day Walk. She's pretty wonderful I think. 

Speaking of Breast Cancer... in just a couple weeks... we will be celebrating the 5 year anniversary of the day they got that freaking-no-good-son-of-a-gun cancer out my Mom's beautiful body. 5 YEARS. 

And I'll end it on that. 


  1. Oh Jenny I always love your posts... I am smiling about it all, specially about the 5 years cancer free of your mom's body - Congrats to your mamma!

    And yes my friend I would love to help you in any way I can to make your home as fabulous as you are!!

    Hugs & kisses from Rio!

  2. Haha! Your post literally made me laugh out loud! I love your style of writing. So happy to hear that your Mom is a breast cancer survivor!

    Delighted Momma

  3. sounds like you guys are having a great time! so glad!

  4. Love you and love your mom! Happy 5 years Mama Smith! xo

  5. wahoo to your parents camping out- how fun! and another BIG wahoo to your mama and her 5 years!!!

  6. Friend, just created a lit banner on my blog that links to your blog, let me know if you like it...

    Hugs & kisses from Rio!

  7. Aww...congrats to your mom, sweetie!! That is fantastic and I adore reading your posts:) Hugs and kisses