Sunday, April 24, 2011

In the Spirit of Easter...

"During the most terrible years of WWII, when inhumanity and political insanity held most of the world in their grip and the Nazi domination of Europe seemed irrevocable and unchallenged, a miraculous event took place in a small town in southern France called Le Chambon. There, quietly, peacefully, and in full view of the Vichy government and Nazi SS, Le Chambon's villagers and their clergy organized to save thousands of Jewish children and adults from certain death." (on the back) 

"There was once an art critic, I have been told, who had a sure way of identifying ancient Maltese art objects: he found himself crying before them. John Keats had a similar reaction to excellence: the thought of his beloved Fanny Brawne, or of anything he associated with her, "goes through me like a spear," he said." - Prelude, Phillip Hallie, author 

I think that as you read the historical story of Le Chambon , you will find yourself crying before it. 

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