Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Mopeds, scooters and weed-wakahs

When my husband and I were dating in high school, he wanted a motorcycle. And my father promptly told him that he had to choose between a motorcycle and his daughter. Case closed.

Now, I know it sounds like my father was a bit over-protective. HOWEVER. I will back him up. My husband (in high school)... had been pulled over for.... speeding... racing.... excessive exhaust noise... burning the tires in his own driveway... aka "smoke show"... racing... speeding.... etc... probably 17 times in HIGH SCHOOL ALONE. A motorcycle might not have been a good idea at the time. I guess that you could say, he has the "need for speed."

Years later, we married. And his "want" for a motorcycle began to percolate...again.

So, he got a moped. Or, better said, a scooter.

Scooters can only go about 35-50 mph.

Well... not the one HE got.

This one was so "souped" up... on a day with no wind... with no extra burritos in the belly... it could go 65 mph.

It was sick.
So "sick", that he rode it to work every day. 30 minutes there. And 30 minutes back.
"Honey, do you know how much we are saving in gas prices?"
The "small highway" he rode back and forth to work was no piddley-widdley road. He maxed that thing right out every day. He wore a bicycle helmet, goggles and a back-pack. Makes me weak in the knees. 

Scootering is something we really enjoy doing together. Every Wedding Anniversary of ours... we take off and go camping. And many times... we bring the scooter. And although he doesn't exactly feel all that "manly" pulling up beside a motorcycle... (motorcycle revs engine, scooter revs engine, motorcycle sounds like a symphony, scooter sounds like a weed-wakah)... he's so amazingly studly in my eyes.  

And now, after selling that super "souped up" scooter... he wants to get another one. 
Only this time... I said it had to be a two-seater. 
With a side cart that fits twins. 


  1. i really want a moped! i just don't think it would really work in the area i live in. thanks for stopping by the blog!


  2. I always wanted a little scooter to drive around the city. You both are so adorable:) Have a great day, my dear

  3. I lov ethat story, he should get another, so you all can ride with him, such a beautiful family,, and you're high scchool sweethearts. CLASSIC!!!

  4. Weed wakah....now that's funny. I must say, I'd hate to meet that dude in the picture in a dark alley.

  5. hahahaha piddley widdley- and i would NOT have thought of aaron as the speeding racing type! seriously!

    and, we know his studly ways that went down in our garage. nuff said. motorcycle or not, the hunts think you're a stud, aaron!