Saturday, May 14, 2011

This one is for you... yes, you.

So, I was sitting on our front steps with my Dad the other day. We were eating some quiche that I made the night before. (Note: when you run out of milk... I don't recommend using water). Val So Cal just fell off her chair. This is why I never post about food, friends. Anyways... on to the story: 

So my Dad asks, "So you like bloggin' honey?" 
"Yeah. I like it. I've always enjoyed writing, and want to get better at it. It's kept me writing quite regularly."
He nods.
"I like keeping a journal of life, and the boys' shenanigans, landmarks, fun, etc."
He nods. 
"It's great for reflection and slowing down to, you know, appreciate what's really going on." 
Another nod.

And then he adds, "and the people you've met..."

Dangit. He's right. I didn't even include that! The most precious part of it and I didn't even give it a mention. That would be an indication of the type of day I was having. 
You know... it was one of those "ME" days. All you think about is yourself. Me. Me. I. I. me. me. I. me. I. 
But you probably never have those days.

  It was bla. 

So my Dad continues...
"There's a girl named Holly that always comments."
"Oh, Holly? Yeah... she's my girl. We go way back." 
"And 'A Casa somethin'?"
"Oh! A Casa da Va! Love my Vanessa!"
(How cute is it that my Dad knew some of your names!!!)
And as I sat there with my Dad on the front steps thinking about all of you, my day looked up. Way up. And, ironically, the sun came out. 

So, I'm sure you've heard this saying a bazillion times. But it comes to mind: "It's not that we should think less of ourselves... but that we should think of ourselves less often." Anyways, I just wanted to say thank you for making my day. Yes, you. All of you.   


  1. good parents are the best. i love that your dad knows all this. my mom has also singled out some people that comment she feels an affinity for--it's strange and lovely all at once. its an amazing community--last night i went to the concert with a fellow blogger who i met though book club. never would have happened if not for blogging.

  2. you are welcome. it is the least i could do.

  3. Oh, I love that your dad reads and supports and remembers things that are important to you.

    And ps, I hadn't heard that saying, but I get it, and I need to apply it asap!

  4. And thank you for always brightening my day with your uplifting posts and your beautiful family!

  5. That is so sweet that you dad cares so much about your blog and your bloggy people. You are blessed!

  6. Oh my this is so cute, the message itself (you are always so wise my friend!), the picture I created inside my head of you and your dad chatting on the front porch, and hey he mentioned "Casa something" - love it!! Big smiles going on over here! Yes dad, I am a huge fan of your daughter!

    Much love for you my dear, real love... - no, not that sort of just saying 'love', it is real real love my friend! You made blogging much more special, you touch and inspire me with your words and photos... so I thank you for that! And tell dad I said Hi and sorry for my weird blog name lol