Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Pigs, wedding registries, big dogs and dinner...

My Sister is getting married in September. And we are so excited. She's been dating her fiance for over four years. And he's a keeper. They love each other like crazy. 
I'll give you an example:
My soon to be brother-in-law owns his own auto-body shop. He comes from a family who owns their own maple sugar shack, raises their own pigs, cows, etc., and has their own vegetable garden. They are wonderful, wonderful, kind-hearted, compassionate people. And I'm so excited to blend our families together.

As I was saying... they raise their own pigs. And my sister's fiance (we'll call him Uncle "A"... as my boys do), has a part in raising these piggies. So, Uncle "A" has been helping take care of two PREGNANT pigs. Have you ever seen a very pregnant pig??? They are HUGE.



One of the pigs had her piglets. (Isn't that whatcha call 'em?) 16 of them. During birth... because it was in the middle of the night and they didn't know it was happening... some of the piglets got hurt. Real hurt. And Uncle "A" and my sister took them to my sister's little bungalow apartment and tried to nurse them back to health. It was precious. And sad. Some didn't make it. But to see my sister and Uncle "A" waking up every 45 minutes through the night to bottle feed these little piglets was just so sweet. They worried, really worried about these little guys... they named them, loved them, held them. 

So, one evening, we answered the telephone. "Hi, Jenny! Are you around? We are down in your area registering for our wedding... and wanted to know if we could stop over and bring something for dinner?" 

"Sure! That would be great." 

"Only thing... we have Fritz (their HUGE bullmastiff/boxer mix dog)................ and Josh."

Josh is one of the little piggies. 

"You took the dog and the pig to register for your wedding?" 

"Uh huh. Yeah... we had to keep running out to the car to see how they were doing. I even had to tell the lady helping us with our registry that we had to go check on our pig." 

So... they came over for dinner. It was chaos. Two twin two-year old boys, a HUGE dog, and a piglet running around. But so worth it. 

I am so excited for this wonderful, beautiful wedding to take place... to celebrate these wonderful, beautiful, precious people! I love you BOTH! 


  1. I want that little piggie! Although a newborn and 2 dogs is more than I can handle at the moment, so maybe I don't want him that badly :)

  2. so cute and that little pig is adorable! love that they took their animals with them to register! :)

  3. What a sweet couple. I think I shall now buy a pig. And name him Edward.

  4. Jenny,
    Oh, my gosh. . .anyone who can handle a dog and a pick AND register for wedding gifts are just meant for each other. Just registering alone almost pushed me over the edge!

    And a big PS, if you wouldn't have included some pics, I wouldn't have believed you. Ha!

  5. How adorable, a baby piggie! Your family sounds just fabulous, congrats on the lit's sister wedding!

    Hugs & kisses from Rio!