Wednesday, June 1, 2011

There is just something about celebrating...

Last weekend my brother-in-law became a college graduate. And we are proud of him. To celebrate his accomplishment... we went out for dinner at a favorite Mexican restaurant (Braveheart and Tenderheart included). We were also celebrating "Da-da's" birthday. We made a toast using our Margarita glasses. The kids used their sippy-cups. This was something new to them. And very exciting. The next morning, as I was sipping my coffee watching the morning news... a sippy cup suddenly slammed into mine. And Braveheart gave me a big smile as if to say, "Cheers, Momma!"

Then... graduation day! Thousands of people. I mean THOUSANDS. (It's the biggest event in the state). And what I am about to tell you... I am going to preface with this: DON'T JUDGE ME.

I brought leashes for our children. Yes. You heard me right. (Well, they are teddy-bear backpacks with a strap you can hold onto). But leashes, none-the-less.

Before I had children, I used to judge the people who put their children on leashes. Seriously? But now... I am humbled... oh, so humbled. And now I think they were stinkin' smart. My kids are lighting. No, faster than lightning. And they are two. And there are TWO of them. And so we brought the leashes. I don't think we used them more than 5 minutes. But let me tell you. Peace of mind. PEACE OF MIND.
Moving on...

During the ceremony, we stood beside a woman who was adorned in an elaborate purple dress, with a fabulous matching hat. It was a celebration outfit indeed. And I stood beside her closing my eyes as we listened to the benediction and blessing and thought of how wonderful it is to celebrate. I believe that she was one of the graduate's mothers. And she was bringing her best to celebrate her child's accomplishment. What a beautiful and sacred thing. Standing next to her made me feel that I was a part of something grand. And, indeed... it was grand. 
And so, we took pictures with our new Graduate, and felt the breeze pass by. And we too, in our own way... brought our best in celebration. To celebrate our brother. To celebrate life. And to say that we are with him, beside him...  wherever his journey goes. 
Love you Brother!!! 


  1. Congrats to your brother in law, quite an accomplishment! I have no problem with the leashes, but if you start muzzling them, we may have to talk. I'm sure you are beathing easier now, knowing I'm not judging you.

  2. Congrats to him! I love that your boys are learning to "cheers" it's such a good habit. My family does it with our forks before a meal :)

  3. Love the "cheers!" I have always been pro-leash (though I don't have them yet for my boys) because I thought it was more humane than losing a child/having a child kidnapped.

  4. If I had two toddlers, I would definitely use those in a heartbeat! My one toddler is, like you said, faster than lightening. I can't imagine if I had two and they both ran separate directions! wow! And congrats to your brother in law!

  5. oh, so sweet jenny! and so fun that the boys got to come along and "cheers" him. :) xoxoxoxo

  6. Jenny this is so beautiful! Congrats for the brother on the accomplishment of graduation, it is really a big step and it shows a lot of hard work and commitment! And as far as the leash goes, I hear you. No judging here, I would do the same - specially at airports and crowed places like that... but you found some fashionable ones - the bear backpacking: totally cool!

    Love the way you describe things, the way you see beyond what is happening and you get really present to the lit moments in life that matters the most, so thank you for sharing all that!

    Hugs & kisses from Rio!

  7. Jenny, what a precious post! Always inspiring.

  8. I always appreciate the details that you capture, like the proud woman in the purple dress, that others would so easily over look. Thank you for sharing these details.