Tuesday, July 26, 2011

And a marvelous birthday it was...

Our boys turned two just a couple weeks ago. 
And it was a splendid day.
At the lake. 
And the pig was there too. 
Can't forget the pig. 
It was one of those moments that, while it happens, you stop and breath deep...
thinking... This is the life. 
All these people who love our precious boys gathered around. 
And I knew that these boys have not only turned my world upside-down... 
but they've changed things for the whole family. 
There was a certain presence about that party. 
A presence of overwhelming thankfulness in our hearts...
for Braveheart and Tenderheart. 


  1. Great pics, what a sweet family!

  2. Your boys have grown so much already since I've started following your story. Beautiful stuff!

  3. looks like the perfect birthday!! you have such a beautiful family!! hope the boys got a lot of great presents, although they are clearly surrounded by so much love, which is the best present ever :)

  4. Oh my word. I just read your story and I am a total mess. I love you guys. And probably you're like "That's creepy sister." Little bit.

    But what an amazing and beautiful story. Happy, happy birthday to your two year old boys!

  5. LOVE the pictures. The picture from the back with one of your little's elbows just melted my heart. So, so sweet.

    I am trying to figure this out...are they identical? In some pictures I think yes, then in some their chins especially look a lot different. But then I think maybe it's just baby faces that are so squishable still at that age. I'd love to know. :)

  6. your boys are so cute!!! i love all of these pictures, i think i just found a new blog to follow:)


  7. Sweet, beautiful boys! How is your Dad, Jenny?

  8. beautiful pics, what a sweet family

  9. You have a VERY beautiful family!