Tuesday, July 12, 2011

We're still alive.

Just been wonderfully busy.
Two year old birthdays. (For the most precious two boys I've ever seen, of coarse).
Anniversary day trips. 
Camping trips that take 6 weeks to prepare for... and then go-bad with two simple factors: RAIN + BUGS.
And loads of hot summer fun.

But I've been thinking of all of you wonderful people. 
Miss you. 
I'll be back ever-so-soon. 
Love, Jenny


  1. I miss you, Wilma. Will we get to see party pics?!

  2. Missing you... please come to Rio - wouldn't that be super fun!

    Hugs & kisses from Rio!

  3. Happy Big boy Birthdays my dear ones! Sounds like it's been busy in your parts. By the way, totally off the subject, every time I go to your blog and see that pic at the top of your page, I stare in awe at your eyebrows. They are so perfectly shaped. That's not weird right?

  4. Jenny happy birthday to your babies! You are sure missed my friend, hope you all are having lots of fun and taking lots of pictures to share with us!

    Much love!