Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The forgotten birthday...

About 3 weeks ago... it was my birthday.
(GASP)!!! ( I have friends who are reading this now and are kicking themselves because they feel bad for not remembering). 
And friends.... let me tell you....
Nobody. Remembered.
(Okay.... some people remembered... but a very precious few.) 

Facebook didn't remember. 
I don't know how that happens. 
But facebook didn't remember either. 
I think I even forgot. 
Friends... What I want you to know is... the stars were somehow aligned... and ....
It's not your fault. 
Maybe I needed a good dose of humble pie. 
Maybe it means that because it was somewhat "forgotten" that my body hasn't actually aged a year.
Maybe it means... 
nothing at all. 

Bottom line... my birthday was a few days after my Dad got out of the hospital after having a heart attack. 
And, the "small sting" I would have normally felt by a somewhat "forgotten day" didn't sting at all. 
Well.... maybe a black fly midgy sting. Yeah... one of those. Our family had a more grand celebration going on in our hearts. My Dad was still here. So, a few precious family members gathered around down at the lake at my parents' house. We had pizza on the party boat. We had piggy-back races. We had joy. It was actually... the perfect day... mostly forgotten and all. 

"Wisdom is knowing I am nothing,
Love is knowing I am everything, 
and between the two my life moves."
-Nisargadatta Maharaj 


  1. Happy birthday, a few days late and a few dollars short, that's me. I'm sure the best birthday gift was your dad's health.

  2. Love that quote! Happy belated birthday to you!

  3. Happy Belated, Friend! You are loved and not forgotten.

  4. Jenny happy late birthday! But you know what? I had a very similar experience... I moved to Brazil a few days before my 30th bday - my wish was to spend with my family, and I did! My dad was in the hospital (which ended up being a 30 days stay there) and I was humbly taking in that the focus was not on me, neither the big 30th party I thought I 'should deserve' - instead we took cake to the hospital and my family sand happy bday and then I came home to sleep, and that was it. And it was memorable probably way more than if I had thrown a party, got drunk and had a bunch of people that really didn't matter as much as my dad, mom, sister and brother... life is always playing tricks on us, isn't!

    I love you and I am always so inspired by you!

  5. Aww...Jenny! Happy belated Birthday! How could facebook not even know your birthday?? That's one of the best reasons to have a facebook! :) Hope you're doing great!