Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Would you like a cup of tea?

Well, this is going to be night 4 in our “new” home. We are loving it. It’s an itty-bitty little house… but the “flow” is wonderful, the lighting is perfect, the location key, and better yet… its REALLY cheap to live in.  It was a project “fixer upper” that my husband and my parents worked on together. Basically, it was a DUMP when we bought it… and it took 4 months to gut it and beautify it. They worked REALLY hard.

During this renovation, a precious little lady named Marie would walk gingerly across the street to say, “My! What a fine job you are doing! I just wanted to say hello.” She is probably 75-80 years old. And she lives across the street from our new home. It takes her a good 10 minutes to walk 50 feet across the busy road to greet us. Her smile is contagious. And her sweetness melts you. Marie… I would like to be like you one day.

So, after all our things are put away and the pictures are hung… I’m gonna invite Marie over for tea. Tea for two with a precious and gracious little lady. She lives all alone in her house and I bet that she would like some company. And I sure would love hers.   

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