Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Baby Whisperer

A couple months after we brought the boys home... we decided to try to let them "cry it out" at night. They were crying just because they wanted to be with us... and we said, "let's do this sleep training thing." With Braveheart, (the first we brought home)... he cried for a few nights and then owned it. Sleeping through the night like a teenager (well... almost). VERY few nights does he get up and cry... and usually... there is a reason (and of coarse we go to him). 

But Tenderheart was another story. Tenderheart is our little Asthmatic one, with Acid reflux... with other complications (a suspected whole in the esophagus... which leads to aspiration). So, with our little Tenderheart... we don't let him cry. Too much crying just isn't good for our little one. So, off and on... my husband and I get up in the night with little Tenderheart. For a while... I was the one getting up. However, my husband soon took the role of the "Bread winner" by day and the "Dad who gets up" by night, also. Bless his little soul. 

And then, we discovered something. When I would go in to their room at night... Tenderheart would especially enjoy his "snuggling" with Mommy. I would sooth him, snuggle him, lull him. And holding him lasted at least 15 minutes. When Daddy goes in to the bedroom... Daddy means business. He picks up Tenderheart, loves him, holds him, calms him... and then quickly puts him back to sleep and says, "ni-night".

So one night, Tenderheart cried. Daddy got up. Daddy opened the door... Tenderheart sat up. Saw that it was Daddy (and not Mommy) and laid back down. And fell asleep.

So we call Daddy the "Baby Whisperer". And we call Mommy "the one who has a sweet set up."


  1. Hahaha!!! I LOVE this story. And the last line is PERFECT!!! (Oh, and this is the third time today I've checked to see if you updated your blog yet. Slightly addicted? Yes.)

  2. So funny :) And sweet.

    It looks like you guys make a great team!

    Blessings to you all,
    Kate :)

  3. That Tenderheart is one smart cookie! He's got your number.

  4. Oh bless his heart! That is a sweet story and you're right, the perfect set up!

  5. This is such a cute story.
    You sound like wonderful parents and you're babies are adorable :)