Thursday, March 17, 2011

Favorite Daddy-isms

So, we have had our little ones home now for a little over 1 year. And in that year... I catch myself smiling from the core of my gut at certain "Daddy" sayings or doings. These are things I have overheard or been able to witness. And here they are:

1. Daddy washing boys in the tub: "Hey... turn around so I can wash your noodle and your cakes." 

2. Daddy is putting the kid's PJ's on. Little Tenderheart has a pretty good sized birthmark on his left leg. Daddy pulls up his own pant leg to show Tenderheart that he also has a birthmark. They smile. MATCHING birthmarks. Little Braveheart looks disappointed. Where is HIS birthmark that matches Daddy's? They search for one. Disappointment. Fast forward to next day. Kids in the Tub. Daddy is washing them. Daddy exclaims, "Braveheart! Look! We've got matching dots!" They found one. And Braveheart almost hit the moon. 

3. Mom is making breakfast. Dad is changing one of the boys. Dad yells out to mom... "You know your life has changed drastically when you go to wipe poop off your baby's butt and while you pass by a package of chocolate chip cookies on the counter... you pop one in your mouth. Chewing cookies and changing poopie diapers at the same time. 6am.What has my life become?" 

4. Daddy kept one of his electric powered cars from when he was a kid. And now, he races it around while the kids try to get it. This is incredible entertainment for both parties: kids and Daddy. I haven't seen Daddy get this competitive in a while. And every now and then, I hear Daddy exclaim, "Did you see that?? He just split the D!! Ladies and gentlemen... he just split the D!!" 


  1. I got a good laugh this morning. Thx

  2. #2 was probably the cutest/sweetest thing i have ever read darling

  3. I love this! SO cute!


  4. Hahahaha...this is so cute! I love number 3...made me laugh!!

  5. This is sooooooo cute!!! Haha, makes me love Aaron even more -- what a good daddy!!!

  6. you have such a beautiful family, seriously gorgeous