Friday, March 11, 2011

The sadness in the world right now...

Normally, I wake up... smooch my little ones, snuggle, grab my coffee and turn on the Today Show. And today, I did just that. But instead of seeing ridiculous Charlie Sheen updates... I saw devastation. Tsunamis. Record breaking earthquakes. Floods. Death. There was a certain tone on the television that was a stark contrast from the lighthearted tone we saw just a few days ago when they broadcast that adorable YouTube video of that baby cracking up over ripped paper. The tone today was quiet. It was unsure. It was humbled. It was sad. So sad. 

And I was holding my babies... and they were completely still. We were all just watching in complete sadness. 

A day like this makes me think of my prayer I prayed a month or so ago. 

And I walk around the house today with a heavy heart. And I think about the really important things in life. The "real" stuff in life.


So world... I am so saddened. And I think of you and send love and light your way. I pray that the energy of God sweeps down into the flood plains and collapsed buildings. And it comes and wraps itself around your broken hearts. And it takes us all to a better place.  


  1. My mornings are similar and today was as well. I looked at my husband and was overcome with emotion when we were watching the news unfold. This is happening right now to millions of people. It is unimaginable. And then it went to commercial and we both said how trite the and trivial it was to break to a commercial when there are people amidst such tragedy. It definitely put things into perspective. Praying for the world alongside you. May the Lord be near those that are suffering.

  2. sounds just like my morning. So terrible and devastating. my heart broke for all the victims as i sent a prayer up for them. oh how i wish there was more I could do! may the Lord be with each and every one of them

  3. We gave up TV for Lent, and do you know when you left your comment on my blog I had no clue what you were talking about?

    Whenever I see those cars bobbing, all I can think is some of them had full carseats in them.

    Come, Jesus.

  4. My prayers are also with the world.

  5. Such a terrible tragedy. Beautiful words to describe how we are all feeling. Praying for Japan.

  6. I felt the same way this morning. I was just paralyzed watching the tv. Your blog did a great job of capturing my sentiments.