Monday, May 9, 2011

Friendship and gas pains

A few days ago, I was able to meet up with a dear friend for a couple of hours to drink some iced tea, chat and watch her dog play. And it was just a joy. The sun was out. The city was buzzing with life. My kids were taking a nap, so I figured they would be safe if I just left the house for a bit. KIDDING!!!! GEEZE!!!! My parents were at my house building the deck. PROMISE. 
(That's her on the left. Who wouldn't want to be friends with that?)

I returned home just about the time the kids woke up. It was perfection. We played outside until Daddy arrived and Mommy then again drove off to see another one of those most precious, darling friends! I know! I have the life. Tell me about it. 

As I was driving to meet her, I was singing so loud and so good I swear Kelly Clarkson would have been jealous. (Alright... so I lie just a bit. But isn't it true that you sound like a star when the music is soooo loud?) The "windows were rolled down". The trees were budding. And someone passed me (on the turnpike) and smiled as he watched me singing and smiling all alone in my little car. I smirked back sheepishly, at first hesitating in a moment of embarrassment. And then I gave back a big, "cheeky" grin quite unabashedly. And he smiled back even grander, as if to say... "you keep singing at the top of your lungs, girl." I swear it wasn't one of those creeper smiles. 

And the night was just grand. I sat there with my beautiful friend as we laughed and giggled and gasped and stuffed food in our mouths in the small seconds of breaths in between words and smiles. We took an evening walk in the spring air. We drank tea. The feeling reminded me of those sleepless nights as a 13 year old watching movies such as Dirty Dancing and Big with a pile of girl friends amped up on root beer and Swedish fish. 

Anyways... I drove home again singing and smiling. 

And you know what happened?


I'm telling you, people. I took in a lot of air that day. And it killed me the next morning. I worked at the coffee shop and had to go to the break room over 8 times to do the "camel". What? Never heard of it? Here's what you do: You kneel down on the floor, place your head closest to the floor and your hind end closest to the ceiling... so that the air that is caught in the painful places in your mid-section can rise to an exit. 


It was so darn painful. But the joy of friendship was worth it. Oh, so worth it. 


  1. haha. this cracked me up. its great you got to hang out with your friends and had a grand time. sorry you had to endure the gas the next day.

  2. I just stumbled upon your blog and had to comment. I am so happy for your little family, and the blessings that you and your husband have accepted into your lives. My younger brother and sister are adopted from Russia, and I love hearing other people's adoption stories. Adoption really is so extraordinarily beautiful, and I pray that your family is blessed in all of the joys and challenges.

  3. Cameling in the break room?? I thinks we need a picture.

  4. I agree with Holly, maybe a photo demonstration. A camel DIY perhaps? yes?

  5. you're hilarious.

    i second maggy.

  6. I laughed out LOUD at the camel. Tell me this is a real yoga pose and its purpose is exactly as described. If it is then this totally beats child pose.

  7. Jenny you are the best! Only person can talk about ANY subject and make it sound cute lol I am laughing here! And love your singing skills... I also feel like a rock star when the music is way waaaay louder than my voice!

    Hugs & kisses from Rio!