Tuesday, May 10, 2011

some observations...

#1. I am more apt to get in a car accident during the spring. Sometimes I look at the budding trees just a bit too long. 

#2. Speaking of too long... If you leave clothes in the washer too long... they smell like butt. And it does nothing for romance when your husband rolls over in bed to snuggle with you and your shirt smells so bad he rolls back the other way. 

#3. If you ever have the urge to buy me a plant, make sure it's the type that tells you... "I'm dying of thirst over here!" Like this one... 


  1. My clothes have smelled like butt too. It's weird but my husband doesn't care for it either. Wow! Something that actually turns him off! Beats the old "I've got a headache" routine. (If there are eight copies of this comment, I apologize, the comment thingymadoodle wasn't working)

  2. hahaha. i haaate the old mildew wash smell. hate it! i did it to a pair of jeans once and it was like 10+ washes till the smell was out.

  3. hehehe - the worst is that mildew smell on towels/linens. It takes about 4 more washes to get the smell out. My husband doesn't like when anything has that stayed-too-long-in-the-washer-smell either. And I kill all plants. I blame my mother for those bad genes.

  4. #2. SO TRUE. and hilarious.