Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Boston Faith and Justice Network

Today, I'm a guest blogger at the Boston Faith and Justice Network. 
Honored that they asked me.
Humbled, actually.
Check them out.
They are changing the world.


  1. Neat! Im on my way to check it out!!

  2. Jenny, this is SO cool! Thanks for letting me know this was going on.... and so rad that you get to be involved. Looking forward to a recap.

  3. Jenny, Great guest blog. I read your blog yesterday about feeling insecure about blogging and if people really want to read what you have to say. That is what I am thinking. Very insecure about it. But I want you to know that I am very interested in you and your family. I love the way you write and deliver your words. I am not as talented like that. But anyway, keep up the good blogging. I am enjoying it.

  4. LOVe your guest blog post! Well said sister! I love your heart and it's conveyed so clearly in your words! Isn't it funny how we walk into the adoption journey with an idea of what God is up to and then throughout the process are completely blind sided by how much BIGGER God is and what He's really up to! Our journey to Isa is just the tip of the iceberg... life changes are coming- radical ones- not sure what they are quite yet- but I know if God's there, I want to be there too! It makes me smile to "know" you in this blog world! Maybe God will cross our paths one day!

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  6. go jenny! read the guest post. love it. love you.